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Focus 2 – Food Waste Mitigation 

We research and invest in the following sub-categories;

  • Vertical Agriculture,  stacked agriculture in closed structured (i.e. buildings). Higher productivity, controlled environments with little impact from outside weather conditions 
  • Desert Farming, irrigation and water efficient solutions  
  • Transportation and Packaging, companies focusing on the reduction of food waste from “the field to the fork”
  • Food procurement, some countries are overly dependent of food imports. Local ecosystems represent a solution
Yearly, 1.3bio tons of food is wasted
Yearly, 1/3 of all the food produced ends-up as waste
Studies estimate that Agrifood accounts for 30% of worldwide energy consumption
If 30% of food produced is wasted then 10% of energy produced is also wasted
Average american household wastes $2'200 of food annually
In the US, reducing food waste by 15% would be enough to feed 25mio americans