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Waste Mitigation

Yearly, 1.3bio tons of food are wasted (roughly 30% of total production). In developed countries it happens at household level while in frontier markets, waste takes place at production and transportation levels.

Studies estimate that Agrifood accounts for 30% of worldwide energy consumption. If 30% of food produced is wasted that means that 10% of the energy produced is also wasted.

Average american household wastes $2’200 of food annually. In the US, reducing food waste by 15% would be enough to feed 25mio americans.

Sectors of interest

Vertical Agriculture
Stacked agriculture in controlled environments allows for higher productivity independently of outside weather
Desert Farming
Irrigation and water efficient solutions
Transportation, Packaging and Coating
Focusing on the reduction of food waste from "the field to the fork". Extending shelf life.
Food Procurement
Some countries are overly dependent on food imports. Local ecosystems represent a solution