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The meat, egg and dairy sector represents a $700bio global market.
Meat yearly consumption to reach 37kg per capital by 2030 (28kg currently).

2019 should be the year, farmed fish is equivalent to wild fish in human diets.
Reports suggest the aquafeed market is to be worth $130bio by 2020.
Currently wild fish are given as feed (in large quantities) to farmed fish.

The efficiency with which animals convert grain intake to body mass varies from inefficient for cattle (7kg of grain intake for 1kg of body mass) to acceptable for chicken (2.5kg of grain for 1kg of body mass).

Sectors of interest

Lab Grown Meat
Fish, Poultry and Dairies
Cellular agriculture is clean, controlled and highly sustainable. We focus on 3 factors; Price, Convenience and Taste
Meat, Fish and Shrimp Alternatives
Plants can offer the same protein level as meat. Alternatives need to look, cook and taste like meat while being priced equivalently
Insect Farming
Fly, cricket and worm breeding offer interesting nutritious benefits. Insects can be used as alternative in aquaculture feed to wild fish
Plant Protein Extraction
Algae & Mushroom Harvesting
Migroalgae can be used as nutrient, for cosmetics and for chemicalsMyco-proteins are tasteless and neutral in texture.