Food 7

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What are we looking for?
  • 3Ps; Proven, profitable and protected technology (Unique IP)
  • Target IRR of + 20%
  • Exit within 3y to 7y
  • Market in excess of 500mio with a potential market share >10%
  • Can accommodate funding tickets of €1mio to €25mio
  • Can cross-fertilize within our network
  • Accepts active shareholders (Board representation)
  • Predominantly European based
VCs and AIs invested $735mio into 147 deals in 2017
In 2013, VCs and AI had invested $57mio for 71 deals
Recent deals in the market
$200mio Series B - Plenty
$203mio Series D - Indigo Agriculture
$275mio Series D - Ginkgo Bioworks
$40mio Series D - Aerofarm
$50mio - Protix
$105mio - AgriProtein
$305mio - John Deere acquired Blue River
Active Investors in the field
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Richard Branson
David Chang
Horizons Ventures